A real conversation

My friend: You’re going to tell me I’m crazy… but I like men older than me 
Me: Hahaha! Don’t worry, so do I.
My friend: I have such a crush on that 25 year old in my class… 
Me: …
My friend: … what?
Me: nothing… I thought you meant… you know… Men quite a bit more older than 25
My friend: you mean like 30 years old? Hahahah! No! That’s weird! Wait… do you like men older than 30? 

Me: well… 


… *awkardly leaves* 

The joke of my life

This summer I was supposed to go to Greece with my brother, and my family and friends tried to dissuade me for all the problems the country was having.

For some reasons I’m not going to explain, the Greece travel was cancelled but my brother changed the destination to Egypt. My family tried to dissuade me for the same reasons explained above. Finally, I won’t be able to go for some study issues I have.

In March I celebrated my 18th birthday and my family gave me the opportunity to go to London. Now, the riots. It was supposed to be the saffest place I would have visited this summer (if I could have went to Greece/Egypt). 

I bet it’s all Moffat’s fault for delaying Sherlock’s Season 2

Moffat! *shakes fist*

Moffaaaat! *shakes fist* 

btw: I don’t own the gif, If you tell my who did it, I’wll be happy to credit him/her