Monty Python is returning to the big screen and they’re bringing Benedict Cumberbatch with them! The only way this could be any more awesome is if it also involved a Police Box. [ The Guardian ]

A real conversation

My friend: You’re going to tell me I’m crazy… but I like men older than me 
Me: Hahaha! Don’t worry, so do I.
My friend: I have such a crush on that 25 year old in my class… 
Me: …
My friend: … what?
Me: nothing… I thought you meant… you know… Men quite a bit more older than 25
My friend: you mean like 30 years old? Hahahah! No! That’s weird! Wait… do you like men older than 30? 

Me: well… 


… *awkardly leaves* 

Just wondering; How many non-British fans are in Sherlock fandom?


Raise your hands, guys. Me first.
Nice to meet you, we’re all one in this heaven. :D

…If you don’t want to do, it’s okay. Yeah, really. ….